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Your Property TaxesYour Property Taxes

Tax Timeline: 2020


  • End of April: Council sets tax rates
  • May 25: Combined assessment & tax notices mailed
  • June 30: Property tax payments are due
  • July 31: Assessment complaints must be received
  • October 22: Supplementary assessment & tax notices mailed
  • November 29: Supplementary taxes due
  • December 30: Supplementary assessment complaints must be received.

Assessment and Tax Notices are mailed in mid May and taxes are due the last business day of June. If you do not receive your notice, please contact the Assessment and Tax Department without delay. Failure to receive a tax notice or loss of a tax notice will not be accepted as a reason for late payment.

Where do my taxes go?


Your property tax is made up of three components, including the municipal levy, the education levy and the seniors levy.

In 2017, for every residential property tax dollar, 59% pays for municipal services, 39.5% is collected on behalf of Alberta Education and 1.5% supports the seniors housing as operated byHomewood Housingin the towns within Sturgeon County and the City of St. Albert. Percentages are subject to change every calendar year.

Why do property taxes change year over year?

Taxes may change due to one or a combination of these factors:

  • A change in the Sturgeon County annual budget or requisition requirements for municipal operations, or a provincial education.
  • A change in assessment (market value) of more or less than the average.

If a property experiences a change in assessment above or below the average for the county, it will have a corresponding tax increase or decrease. This relationship is illustrated below.

Assessment decreased relative to typical value change = Taxes decrease relative to municipal tax change
Assessment changed equal to typical value change = Taxes equal to municipal tax change
Assessment increased relative to typical value change = Taxes increase over the municipal tax change

A map showing the median change in assessment across Sturgeon County market areas for 2017 is available here.

Have more questions? Head to our FAQ page or contact assessment services via email.