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The Transportation Department aims to provide and maintain a safe and reliable road network that meets the transportation needs of Sturgeon County.

The County serves almost 20,000 residents and is comprised of 35 townships (including partial townships), 185 kilometres of secondary roads and 1,776 kilometres of local roads. Sturgeon County provides general maintenance on subdivision roads, municipal roads and roadside allowances.

Transportation crews perform preventative maintenance activities throughout the year to improve the quality and extend the life of county roads, keeping them driveable and safe. Some of these projects are ongoing and can occur over a six- to eight-week period.

Road construction may involve digging up an old road, brush removal, re-grading, patching sections of road, cleaning out ditches or even installation of new culverts. During construction, slower moving traffic, rougher road conditions, higher noise levels and possibly road closures or detours may occur.

Signage for road construction, shoulder pulling, and bridge work is typically posted one week prior to a scheduled project. The residents in affected areas are also notified in advance.

You can also subscribe to the Sturgeon County Road Report and stay up to date on road conditions, temporary closures, maintenance, and more with the Road Report and Utility Alert email notification.

Road Conditions

Our Road Report and Utility Alerts page contains information about temporary closures or unsafe conditions. It also highlights the work that our crews are doing. You can also report a road concern.

What are we working on now?

Please see the list of construction projects, which contains both Sturgeon County and Alberta Transportation initiatives.

Drive safely through construction areas

Transportation Services reminds you to slow down and use caution when driving through road construction areas. Not only are these individuals working hard to improve our roads they're working with heavy equipment and having to watch traffic carefully to ensure your safety. Do your part to help make their job safer. Please obey road signage, speed limits and the instructions of traffic control personnel.