Sturgeon County - Land Use Bylaw FAQs

Land Use Bylaw FAQLand Use Bylaw FAQ

The LUB regulates the use and development of land and buildings within Sturgeon County. Both private and public land within the County is divided in to Land Use Districts (such as Agricultural, Residential, Industrial, etc.) which predetermine the land use and development criteria for each zone/district. LUB help to ensure that conflicts between different land uses are minimized or eliminated where possible. Sturgeon County is required to have a LUB by the Province of Alberta. The LUB must reflect and comply with the policies contained within the County’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP), which is the County’s long-term vision for growth and development.

Like most municipalities in the Capital Region, Sturgeon County has experienced pressures with growth. The current LUB was developed in 1996, and since then over 170 changes have been made to the original document. In response to the new MDP (implemented in 2014), the changing needs of industry, new provincial requirements, and changes in the way people live, Sturgeon County’s Council provided direction for a project team to embark on re-writing the LUB in January 2015.

For large-scale zoning reviews (like this rewrite project), no individual property owner notification will occur. Instead, the County will notify residents and landowners by advertising in the local newspapers, hosting open houses, using Social Media, using the County website and providing updates at Public Council Meetings.  Sturgeon County will follow the bylaw adoption process, as outlined within the Municipal Government Act (Section 187), and provide for three (3) readings and a public hearing.  It will be incumbent on landowners to use the above noted events and forms of media to get informed on how the new Land Use Bylaw may impact their lands.

As a resident or landowner, changes to the Land Use Bylaw could affect you in a number of different ways. Every property in Sturgeon County is in an assigned district and there will be modifications to each district. However, some changes are relatively minor and residents will not even be aware of them. Examples can include:

  • Renaming the district
  • New processes to reflect Provincial Building Code
  • Greater or fewer land uses in the District
  • Changes to the minimum and maximum size of accessory buildings

Major changes to the LUB will reflect the findings within the Research and Recommendation Report, and will be highlighted and shared when the draft document is complete, in the Establish Phase. Sturgeon County is aware that balance is essential to developing a Land Use Bylaw that reflects today’s needs (including changes in Provincial regulation), while not causing significant disruption to how residents live and use their lands.