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Subdividing LandSubdividing Land

What is subdivision?

Subdivision is a legal process where land is divided into two or more parcels in order to obtain a separate land title for each parcel. This process is governed by the Province of Alberta’s Subdivision and Development Regulations, the Sturgeon County Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw, and is administered by Sturgeon County. The number of times land can be subdivided depends on the scale and location of the proposed subdivision.

Special considerations impacting the subdivision process include provincial highways, water-bodies, topography and abandoned well-sites. The type of criteria required to evaluate applications and the associated development conditions, reflect the scale and impact to the local community.

In general, Sturgeon County will consider the subdivision of agricultural lands to a maximum of 4 parcels per quarter section. A quarter section is defined as a property with 64 hectares (160 acres).

The agricultural subdivision layout will reflect (2) Agriculture Parcels and (2) Acreage Lots.

Agricultural Parcels = 32 hectares (80 acres)

Acreage Lots = 1 hectare (2.47 acres)

For additional information and application forms regarding agricultural lands, please see the Information & Forms page on this website.

For additional information regarding subdivisions which exceed 4 parcels per quarter section, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 780.939.8275.